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Las Piedras

Plot #12

1.300 MASL

A microterroir presenting sandy loam soils that yield a most attractive and seductive Pinot Noir, filled with fragrance and tension. A glorious combination of elegance and subtle yet structured power.

Finca Las Piedras stands at 1,300 masl, in the district of Los Árboles, Tunuyán, in the Uco Valley. This estate is home to plot No. 12, a parcel formerly presenting large-sized rocks that were removed prior to vineyard planting. It is a microterroir where its sandy-loam soils present 3% clay, 90% sand and 7% silt across different strata. The first stratum is clast-free down to 60 cm in depth. The second stratum presents 30% clastic rocks with a layer of more than 90% calcium carbonate and measuring up to 50 cm in diameter. These characteristics translate into a powerfully mineral Pinot Noir.


  • Roots

    70 cm deep

  • Stratum 1
    (0-70 cm)

    Texture: Sandy
    Rock concentration: 60%
    Permeability: Abundant
    Roots: moderate to slightly abundant


Los Árboles is located in the northern area of the Uco Valley, on the way to the district of Tunuyán, in the province of Mendoza. The site, classified as Region III under the Winkler Index, lies at the foothill of the Frontal Andes mountain range, on a small alluvial fan formed by the Olmo stream. This accounts for its dry, cold, temperate climate, with an average temperature of 17.8° C from October to April, in addition to its average annual rainfall of 340 mm.