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A family of forerunners—pioneers with great ambition, always hunting for new challenges. Values that have traversed generations and become part of their distinctive imprint. Bemberg Estate Wines marks a milestone in the history of this Family. This wine collection, a tribute to its lineage, is certain to become part of its legacy.

The origins of the Bemberg Family can be traced back to the second half of the 16th century in the small town of Langenberg, Germany. It was here where Conrad zum Bimberg—the oldest known ancestor of the family, according to family records—owned a large plot of land where he began growing his first vines, a fascinating activity that, centuries later, still runs deep through their veins.

Although family records connect this Family's early origins with Conrad zum Bimberg's birth, many actually pinpoint the Family's true starting point in the first half of the 19th century, highlighting the figure of Otto Peter Bemberg as its' founder. In 1850, Otto emigrated from the Old World and embarked himself on a journey to South America, where he eventually settled in Argentina. It was he who laid the foundations for the Family, remaining loyal to his European roots.

Otto Peter Bemberg

It was Otto Bemberg who laid the foundations of our Family

Otto and his son Otto Sebastián later founded the Franco-Argentina distillery and the Brasserie Argentine Societé Anonyme, a brewery that would eventually mark a significant milestone in the Bembergs' timeline and that later adopted its’ well renowned name, Cervecería Quilmes.

The Family has been fascinated by wine since the very beginning and has sought to remain in touch with this world on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean: as the ancient passion of those living in the Old World, by means of the vines grown in Mendoza in 1920 and by the acquisition of estates in Napa Valley, California, in the New World, in 1996.

After more than 150 years developing Cervecería Quilmes, the Family's close connection to the world of wines led them to reinvent themselves and take on a new challenge in 2010, which meant turning the leading group of Argentinian wineries, now acquired by the Family, into one of the main wine groups worldwide.

Otto Sebastián Bemberg

A dream

come true

Members of the Bemberg Family
visiting their wine collection

As years went by, our passion for the world of wine became increasingly greater. Tasting our own, unique wines soon became an essential and frequent practice at family meetings. The enthusiasm fired by these meetings continued to grow, sparking the interest for tasting new and better bottles. These intimate celebrations meant enjoying a most varied array of aromas and flavours from different regions in the country. It was these private gatherings that served as inspiration to create a family wine label that would convey the values and the legacy of the Bemberg Family.

Little by little, our dream about a range of exclusive wines showcasing the very best exponents of each family-owned vineyard in Argentina began to take shape, until it became the Family's pride by having a label of its own. Every bottle, flavour and colour–even every bottle cap, made with cork oaks sourced from the family's Ciguiñuelas estate in Spain, represents the Family's determined collective efforts to achieve its dream.

Every bottle, flavour and colour–even every bottle cap–represents the Family's determined collective efforts to achieve its dream.