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2015, a heterogenous year in the different wine regions of Argentina.

The 2014-2015 season in Uco Valley was characterized by a summer with historical average temperatures but rainfall slightly above average and higher temperatures towards the end of the season.

Due to the frequency of rainfall and drop in temperatures at night in March, the harvest took place earlier, resulting in wines with a distinctive aromatic prole. Vine management was key at Finca El Milagro (La Consulta), Las Piedras (Los Árboles), and El Tomillo (Gualtallary), with harvest taking place when the fruit had developed its full potential.

At Finca La Yesca, located in Pedernal Valley, San Juan, the growing season was characterized by an increase in minimum temperatures, both at the beginning and at the end of the season.

Near the harvest months, the minimum temperatures were signicantly low in the mornings. Rainfall was frequent yet mild, not affecting vineyard quality. Yields were higher than in previous years.

At Finca Los Chañares, in Calchaquíes Valleys in Catamarca, there was a higher number of sunny days. Temperatures were higher in October, March and April, whereas during the rest of the year the temperature conditions remained as usual. As it is common in this area, rainfall behaved as expected during the summer months. At Finca Las Mercedes, located in Cafayate Valley, weather conditions were similar to previous years and fruit quality was excellent.